Brembo Brake Caliper Refurbishment Specialists

Everyday we strive to deliver the best results we can. Our company ethos defines us. Every member of staff is hand picked to deliver perfection! Our customers deserve it and our quality control measures ensure it..! We photograph everything from start to finish so you get to see everything your brake calipers go through for your peace of mind. Also, we know you're kind of interested too.

Brembo brake caliper refurbishment

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Brembo Brake Caliper Refurbishment, a Complete Functional Overhaul

Seized pistons? Pad plates pushing out? Seized or snapped bleed nipples? Or unlucky enough to have all of these problems?

Don’t worry, we offer a total functional, mechanical refurbishment of your Brembo brake calipers.  We can leave the existing coating/finish alone to keep the cost down or return them to OEM specification.

Brake Caliper Painting Service

Customise your Brembo calipers or return them back to OEM spec, but better. Logo’s replaced in the form of stencilling or high temperature decals. All plates removed & corrosion blasted away.

We start with a bare cast just like Brembo did and make something more beautiful than an original Brembo.

Low Cost, Un-Seize & Repair Service

On a budget? No problem, we can deal with the issue in hand and get your Brembo calipers back to you in double quick time!  You’ll get a 3 month warranty on our US&R service, but sometimes people ask us to do some pretty incredible things so we take the repair on your Brembo’s on it’s individual merit.

Occasionally, you may have to upgrade to the Brembo brake caliper refurbishment (complete overhaul service).

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Brembo Brake Caliper Refurbishment Specialists

Just imagine yourself as a Brembo brake caliper refurbishment specialist, and then get to grip’s with how experienced and knowledgeable you would be if you had refurbished over 4,000 sets of Brembo calipers.  Well that is exactly what you’re getting with us.

Our company was formed on August 5th 2010, but it didn’t start there.  The owner of the company had been in the motor trade for nearly 10 years before that, mostly refurbishing alloy wheels before later moving on to brake calipers as a sole trader with 2 employee’s.  Now a thriving and experienced company with an excellent team of great lads, you will get the benefit of dealing with a team that love their work and the experience of the owner and the knowledge that has been passed down to our loyal staff over the years.

Brake Calipers is all we do and all we will ever do

We have no intentions in becoming a jack-of-all trades, we aren’t a company that offers service after service, like smart repairs, vinyl wrapping, alloy wheel repairs, tuning and so on.  We just do brake calipers, that’s it!

Brembo Caliper Refurbishment is a subsidiary of Not Just Wheels Limited

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Brake Caliper Painting Service costs the same regardless of the vehicle.  The only variation on costs are on the mechanical overhaul, this only depends on the number of pistons.  So a 4-pot Brembo caliper refurbishment off a Ferrari costs the same as a 4-pot Brembo off a Fiat Coupe.

  • Aston Martin Brembo
  • Alfa Romeo Brembo
  • Audi Brembo
  • Bentley Brembo
  • BMW Brembo
  • Chrysler Brembo
  • Ferrari Brembo
  • Fiat Brembo
  • Ford Brembo
  • Jaguar Brembo
  • Lamborghini Brembo
  • Land Rover Brembo
  • Lotus Brembo
  • Maserati Brembo
  • Mazda Brembo
  • McLaren Brembo
  • Mercedes-Benz Brembo
  • Nissan Brembo
  • Peugeot Brembo
  • Porsche Brembo
  • Renault Brembo
  • Rolls Royce Brembo
  • Seat Brembo
  • Subaru Brembo
PORSCHE 911 Brembo refurbished

Return Your Brembo's Back To OEM Spec

 We know exactly what colours Brembo use on all of the calipers they manufacture for all marques.  The best thing is, our paint is so much better, and we’ll give you a better warranty than any Marque or Brembo ever would!

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Renault Megane Sport Brembo brake calipers painted

Custom Colours Limited Only By Your Imagination

 Looking for Custom Calipers, we are the ONLY sensible choice.  Measure Twice, Cut Once..!

Beware of using bodyshops, they’ll probably do an ok job, until brake fluid or heat plays its role in the demise of the paint.  Our coatings are unique, it can handle brake fluid, heat even on track use and it’s tough too.


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